DROP A QUARTER—OR FOUR—IN THE COIN DOOR, and a pinball machine will whir to life. Boom: lights flash, the scoreboard resets, and a stainless-steel ball clinks into place, ready to hurtle down the shooter alley toward a maze of ramps, bumpers, and traps.

Just like a passerby would stop at a pinball machine to quit his daily routine, the city user comes to Pinball City to live a different experience in a world with different rules.

Once arrived at the bottom of the city, the user obtain a ticket that will lead him to one of the highest spot.

The user, naturaly led by the slope, will begin his descending journey knowing that it can only finish.

Driven from place to place by different means, from theater to exhibitions, from stadium to clubs, the city user is here to enjoy his experience and doesn’t want it to stop.

His path is mainly determined. Just like the pinball player would use the flipper to project the ball, it is only sometimes that he can act on his trajectory by choosing his destination.

Necessity in Dionysos: Short Statement (2020)

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    Yoann Guillaume, von Arx Carrascal Alan
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