They don’t say, ‘What do I have to say? What is worthy of being offered, of being passed on to the people? They’re just wondering: what’s going on?

Yes, because for them, communication is primarily a form, not a content. It makes no sense what cannot be seen and read. They don’t write by the way, they sign. And they only emit what can be understood by all and easily relayed.

The value of a message is reduced to its exchange value!

Or to its potential for repetition. And this repetition saturates everything, it ends up masking the rare words that illuminate a day. But that’s because a message of value, you can’t receive it without being transformed, no matter how little it is. Its content is resistant to pure photocopying. You can’t translate it without changing it, without adapting it to whoever you send it to next.


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    El-Hamadeh Adam, Guyot Nina
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